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An architect, Jai Bharathi is accustomed to travelling periodically on work. In 2012, she used her opportunity to travel and visited a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites within India, and won the challenge posed by gounesco.in. At one point, she covered five heritage sites across five states in five days, using five different means of transport. In 2013, she felt the need to travel further. “I knew I’d be visiting Turkey to participate in the Eurasia marathon in November. So I thought if I plan, I can visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites as well. I reached Turkey much ahead and visited 11 heritage sites in 11 days,” says Bharathi who mostly travels on her own. “In a group, it may not be possible to visit so many sites within a short time,” she says. Most heritage sites in Turkey involved four to 10 hours travel. She’d check in her luggage in the lockers of the bus terminals, visit the site and return to the bus station to board a bus to the next destination. That way, she cut down on hotel expenses wherever possible. “The buses and terminals were so good, enabled with wi-fi,” she says. With people in Turkey not being conversant in English, Bharathi relied on Google maps and Google translator on her phone.
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